Partner Introduction: Luleå University of Technology LTU

Luleå University of Technology has a specific focus on applied research together with industry, and has a strong relationship to manufacturing industries. The academic team for this project belongs to the research group Entrepreneurship and Innovation, which has a long experience of working with issues related to SMEs growth and innovation. They are known for their high quality academic publications and their key research topics are innovation management, business models, regional growth, new venture creation, ICT use by SMEs, organization capabilities, open innovation. Related to the project goal, the team works also in VINN Center of Excellence called Centre For Interorganizational Innovation Research (CIIR). It operates closely with international experts, policymakers, and other public actors on different levels to develop new knowledge on innovation system development with a specific focus on nonmetropolitan areas and the possibilities emerging from ICT and digital innovation. Our research team is active in several research projects concerning regional development including smart specialization e.g. in the car and component testing in northern Scandinavia.

SYMBIOMA core team

From LTU, professor Vinit Parida and Assistant Professor Wiebke Reim are working in SYMBIOMA.

Vinit Parida is professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Luleå University of Technology. Vinit's research targets the fields of business modeling, firm capabilities, business opportunity recognition, product service systems, dynamic capabilities, entrepreneurship and early stages of innovation processes. Vinit has published in leading international journals such as, Journal of Cleaner Production, Industrial Marketing Management, Strategic Management Journal, Production and Operation Management, Industry and Innovation, and others. Vinit has extensive experience of working with companies from different industries as a researcher and consultant.

Wiebke Reim is a Assistant Professor in the group of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Luleå University of Technology. Wiebke's research targets the fields of business modeling, product service systems, servitization, and inter-organizational collaboration. Wiebke conducted her PhD on the topic of business model development for global manufacturing and has large experience in working with industry related projects where interaction and implementation of research results is of major importance. Wiebke has published in leading journals such as Journal of Cleaner Production, International Journal of Production and Operations Management, Industrial Marketing Management as well as in conferences and books.