Satisfied travelers have arrived back home

Asko Ryynänen, Birger Vennesland, Lampros Lamprinakis, Joakim Nilsson, Wiebke Reim, John Bartlett, Egidija Rainosalo, Paul McNama and Samuli Taponen. Picture: Heidi Kanala-Salminen.

The whole project team made a trip to Scotland to meet each other and get more know-how for the project. Finnish experts from Nordic Premium Beverages were particularly pleased with the visit to SWRI, which focused on whiskey research and analytics related to the entire manufacturing process.

-It was useful to see the whiskey manufacturing process and its associated bio-by-product stream in biogas plants and water treatment, told Kanala-Salminen from Centria.

Celtic Renewables presented its interesting research and process to utilize the bio-by-product stream in biofuel production, continues Kanala-Salminen.